Pets to spoof the rich and famous


You’re Havana laugh: Revolutionary Che Guevara

The final front ear: Straight out of Star Trek, the Rex generation/Your fez looks familiar: A bewhiskered Tommy Cooper

Off the wall: Small, yappy, pale faced – it can only be Wacko Jacko

A eureka moment: This Einstein needs to discover where the comb is

A British bulldog: Winston Churchill/Nice! My name-a Borat, my swimsuit-a sexy

Audrey Hep-purrn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Eight out of ten cats prefer it

Fur coat? A Jedi craves not these things

A dog’s life: I feel a right Charlie Chaplin, but pugnacious Chairman Mao fails to see the joke

True Grit: John Wayne, aka Rooster Cogburn, aka Patch


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